October 08, 2015


Finally someone has done a unique take on the platform sneaker we've been seeing for seasons...and of course it's Acne. There's something so seriously satisfying about a good chunky shoe. I think it's the same thing that makes me freak out with joy every time I see a french bulldog——they are perfectly compact yet have an unrivaled presence like no other.

Acne shoes via Ssense

September 15, 2015


Wow, I've let a whole fashion season pass us by without a blog post in sight! Not cool. I'm gonna sit back and take in all the influx of shows happening, but for now I leave you with a little taste from this site I recently discovered, FEELTHEFUTURE. It's basically a digital platform "dedicated to the future of fashion" run by the talented styling/photography team Renee Warne and Gibson Fox. Their refreshingly raw aesthetic blends perfectly with the emerging designers they feature.

March 31, 2015


Fashion week has come and gone in NYC, but unfortunately we haven't been able to say the same about the lingering winter. One thing's for sure: long winters remind us of the importance of good outerwear. It's the only thing a lot of people see on you much of the season, so you might as well have some killer options to break the shiver in your step. That's why I took such a liking to the fall collection shown by NYC designer babe Sandy Liang. It's a name that was new to me months ago, but now I can't stop looking at her furry frosted creations.

Beyond her bravo use of fur, her work in general is just IT right now—a quirky blend of luxe details with a laid back aesthetic that screams "COOL." Nevermind that she just graduated Parsons a few years ago...this girl is one to watch.

January 07, 2015

File under ingenius

What a brilliant idea! You'd look way more chic + discreet filing your nails in public with this...which is usually kind of taboo the normal way.

ring by Aria McManus; scoop it at Object-ify 139

December 28, 2014

Bodega Run

After a nearly 4 month hiatus from this blog, I'm back! I didn't mean to step away that long, but hey...shit happens. At any rate, I thought I'd come back with something fresh. Fresh like like picking up a juicy bag of fruit on your way home from work. Such was Opening Ceremony's inspiration for their Pre-Fall '15 collection and it's definitely working for me. I've really been impressed the last several seasons with OC as they get more and more creative with telling a story through prints, pattern, and texture. I kind of want a banana now..

images via OC